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Nature Sounds for Sleep

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Fall asleep to relaxing sounds of the rain, the ocean, and more.


1Peaceful Stream2Rain for Relaxation3Sounds of the Rainforest4Babbling Brook5Rainforest - Tropical Birds and Vibrant Rainforest Ambiance6Rain - Just Natural, Relaxing Rain Sounds7Ocean Sounds8Natural Sounds For Baby Sleep: Wind In A Forest9Pacific Surf & Songbirds10Running Stream11Evening Crickets: Relaxing Sounds of Nature12Owl Middle of Woods Quiet Birds in Background Sound Effects Sound Effect Sounds EFX Sfx FX Animals Birds13Cascade (Nature Sounds Version)14Rain and Thunder15Cicadas Singing16Sparkling Water17Soft Nature & Birds (feat. Cat Sleep Sounds, Kitten Sleep & Sleep Aid for Your Pets)18Light Rain Sleep Sounds (feat. Gentle Soothing Relaxing Nature Sounds & Lullaby and Lullabies)19Healing Music of the Forest20Nature Sounds No. 221Distant Ocean Surf22Calming Seas23Gentle Rivers and Streams24Gentle Forest Sounds w/ Rain, Streams, Birds for Pure Relaxation25Relaxing Rainforest Ambience at Dawn for Deep Meditation, Reiki26Stream Running Through the Rainforest27Rainforest Soundscapes: Soothing Rain, Thunderstorms, Waterfalls28A Peaceful Night in the Forest for Yoga, Spa, Rest & Deep Sleep29Forest Stream and Owl Sounds30Forest Clearing Environment with Various Birdsong31English Country Garden