022: Ethan's Angels with Ethan Sisser

Our Daily Magic

09-02-2021 • 1 hora 9 minutos

Join us for the next episode of the Our Daily Magic Podcast⁠: (LIVE from the Facebook Group every Tuesday at 12 noon EST)⁠ "I am Magickai" aka Kaí and Dell Henderson aka The True Essence Connector will be interviewing Ethan Sisser.

Before this encounter with cancer, Ethan was traveling the world, teaching Yoga, offering intuitive coaching, studying Dance, Writing Music, Practicing Massage & more.

He was living on the big island of Hawaii for quite some time, never got a headache in years, felt healthy in all ways; supporting retreats with his gifts within a Shamanic Community - when in October 2019 his intuition told him to head back to the mainland to work, save up funds & share time with family before returning to Hawaii.

On his flight to New York, he suffered the worst headache of his life & had a minor stroke - which led to slight paralysis on the left side of his body. He went to the hospital and was shortly after diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer Glioblastoma. The tumor which the doctors found was so big (large plum size), and causing so much damage; Ethan had no choice but to receive immediate surgery to remove the tumor.

The surgery went as well as it could, but only 90+ % of the tumor could be removed safely the tumor was said to have been there for 8 + years. Although Ethan felt strongly to treat his condition as holistically as possible - it was very important to receive these immediate therapies to halt this life threatening condition.

The second surgery was in February 2020 to clean out an infection which occurred from the first surgery Ethan recently had his 3rd and 4th head surgery on September 10th and 11th to clean out another head infection and cut out abdominal tissue to replace dead and infected head tissue on his head. Due to increasing numbness, doctors did another MRI and saw a tumor regrowth. ​Because Ethan just had head surgery, and THERE IS abdominal tissue covering the hole in his HEAD WHERE INFECTED SKULL WAS CUT OUT, RADIATION AND SURGERY are NOT AN OPTION.

Ethan is in the fight for his life, experiencing extreme pain every day, numbness on left side of body, and is doing every holistic, frequency, nutritional, and any modality possible to heal the Brain Cancer ​Ethan's vision is to inspire others with severe conditions like his - by sharing his story, Fully healing from Glioblastoma, cultivating radiant health on all levels, manifesting his inner gifts (writing, yoga, art, dance, music, healing & coaching work), and help others evolve into the highest version of themselves.