Conserve, Respect, Listen: Music for Earth Day

1A Native Hill: No. 6, The Music of Streams2Threnody (Sikuigvik)3Missa Charles Darwin: I. Introitus. Tropus ad Kyrie4Symphony No. 1, "Living, Breathing Earth": IV. Living, Breathing Earth5Pieces of Road: III. Sweetgrass Hills6On an Autumn Day7Variations on Shenandoah8Floating Lilies9Beauty10Earth Rise11To Spring (An Overture)12Gentle Winds: I. —13String Quartet No. 4 "Emergence": V. Reverence14Echo Caves15String Quartet No. 3: I. Moderato16Expecting the Spring Breeze (Arr. P. Salathé for Oboe & Guitar)17Nettles18The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in E Major, Op. 8 No. 1, RV 269 "Spring" (Arr. M. Meštrović): I. Allegro19Coloring with Water20Here Once Stood Elms21Rising Tide: I. H2O (The Source of Life)22Precipital Pairing: II. Mist23The Voice of the Rain24Afternoon of a Fire25O Sweet Spontaneous Earth: No. 2, Pity This Busy Monster, Manunkind26Symphony No. 7, Op. 293 "A Cummings Synchrony": I. Wind27A Child Said, What Is the Grass?28Of Lakes and Legends: I. Legend of the White Bear (Manitou Island)29Red Rock30Time Out: I. Sunset (Lake Albert)315 Intermezzi for the Earth "Remember": No. 1, Andante32Dreams of the Earth (Live)33Sunflower34And the Earth Sang to Me Through the Wind35Exultet Terra: I. Exultet Terra36Breathless37Devisadero: No. 2. Wind Blowing38Winter, Snow39Forest Whispers40Sunshower41String Quartet No. 3: III. Adagio42Glacier Blue: I. Mountain43Zephyr44Lung Ta: I. Earth - II. Water45Embrace the Wind!: No. 3, Weathervane Nocturne46Summer Circle: Part A47Firestorm Symphony: I. Firestorm Threatening48Into the Woods49Places I've Walked, Pt. 1: No. 1, Fiordland50Gainesville Soundscape51Sea Lion Mix52Three Meditations on Light: No. 1. The birds breathe the morning light53Spells: No. 3, Spell against Sorrow54Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage55Recuerdos estivos: II. Crepúsculos Alpinos56Stumpery57Monadnock58Within Earth, Wood Grows59Landscapes, Series 2: II. Rain Falling on Rice Fields60Vidi aquam: Asking of Nature61Mystic Mountain62And the Snow Did Lie: I. Ragged Earth - II. A Single Cloud Reddened - III. Lake and Sky Black with Birds63Time's Timeless Art64Absent an Adjustment65Loam: I. —66Secret Sky67Deep in the Wilderness