Old Dominion: Some People Do + Other Hits

1I'm On It2Can't Get You3Goes Without Saying4Some People Do5One Man Band6Written in the Sand7Make It Sweet8Hotel Key9Midnight Mess Around10No Such Thing as a Broken Heart11My Heart Is a Bar12Break Up with Him13Snapback14Never Be Sorry15Song for Another Time16Paint the Grass Green17Smooth Sailing18Nowhere Fast19Do It With Me20Hear You Now21Be with Me22American Style23I'll Roll24So You Go25Still Writing Songs About You26Written in the Sand (Live)27Make It Sweet (Acoustic)28New York at Night (Remix)29Shoe Shopping30Not Everything's About You31Stars in the City32New York at Night33A Girl Is a Gun34Can't Get You (Live)35Half Empty36Beer Can in a Truck Bed37Wrong Turns38Said Nobody39Crazy Beautiful Sexy40Til It's Over41We Got It Right