Critics' Picks: Best of First Half of 2021

1Good Trouble2A Place Called Earth [feat. Lauren Daigle]3Hallelujah’s Song (Psalm 103) [feat. Caleb Chapman]4Stronger5Winter: Will6Our Psalm 237Tears8It's Possible9Broken Harvest10Love Never Fails11I'm Going Home12Signs Are Down13The Captain14Turn the Tables15Imago Amor16JUST LIKE YOU17Good God Almighty18Never a Day19I Don't Really Care20Keep Moving21Into The Mystery22Up from My Youth23Build the House24Psalm 7325Echinacea Tea26Press On27Mountains of Hope28Expectations29i need you (to be wrong)30Evergreen31Range Rover (feat. Steve Winwood)32Earth33The Woods34Come And Save Me35We All In36Bring You Home37Let Us Say38Fragile39All Flame40Almost Home41Broken World42American Elegy43I Pulled the Sheet Back over My Head44Deliver Me45The politics Of Kindness46Jesus, I Have My Doubts47Living in the Last Days48The Day That I Moved Out49God Who Sees Us50First Love51Q2FN52Song of Simeon / Nunc Dimittis53Sober & Skinny54It'll Be Alright