Digiindie Amazon Playlist

1The Brink2Good Times3Home Sweet Home4All Black (OG Version)5West Coast Love (feat. iLL Drew, Tash, Profane Remy, Black Silver)6Reminisce (feat. Harlem Hitman, Perelini)7Circuits (feat. Decadez & L.I.V.E.Wire)8Champagne (feat. Perelini)9Dogecoin (Run It Up)10Audiocity11Kxng Talk12On My Own13Doin' A Lot14Revenge15Forex16Chill17Flashlight18Grow19Hip Hop Love20Dive Bar21Old School New School22La La La23Alone24TKO25All Along26Dirty 3027Ready To Live28Up 2 God29Monopoly (Full House)30Showtime (Intro)31Go Off32Whoop33Off My Corna34Lookin' At Me35Stir It (Wok)36YNMM37Kill It381000Naire39Latifah40Automatic41Hotbox Anthem42Pull43All I Wanna Know44Murda45Yada Yada46Cuttin' Up47B.I.G. Boy48City In The Sky49Give It 2 U50Emotions51Imagination52Gettin' Right53Summer In The City54Prolly Me55I Got It56Shower Posse (Skit)57Blicky Bop58Treesh59Bernice (Skit)60Body By The Summer61Links62All Black (Black Panther Remix)63Champagne (feat. Perelini)64Circuits (feat. Decadez, L.I.V.E.Wire)65West Coast Love (feat. iLL Drew, Tash, Profane Remy, Black Silver)66Reminisce (feat. Harlem Hitman, Perelini)67Work (Intro)68Work (Who Gettin' It)69Work (Outro) [feat. Fever Gt]70Verzuz (Run This Shit)71Verzuz (Run This Shit) (Instrumental)72Verzuz (Run This Shit) (Instrumental 2)73Nasty74Is It Real?75Greenberry76Greenberry (Radio Edit)
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