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2023 GRAMMY Nominees: Rock

1Wild Child2It Ain't Over3For the Love of Money4Your Team Is Looking Good5Good Love (feat. Billy F Gibbons)6How Long7Burn the Damn Thing Down8Happiness9Baby I'm Coming Home10Didn't I Love You11Farewell, OK12The Boy Named If13Penelope Halfpenny14The Difference15What If I Can't Give You Anything But Love?16Paint The Red Rose Blue17Mistook Me For A Friend18My Most Beautiful Mistake [feat. Nicole Atkins]19Magnificent Hurt20The Man You Love To Hate21The Death Of Magic Thinking22Trick Out The Truth23Mr. Crescent24MTT 420 RR25The Wheel26When the Lights Come On27Car Crash28The New Sensation29Stockholm Syndrome30The Beachland Ballroom31Crawl!32Meds33Kelechi34Progress35Wizz36King Snake37The End38born with horns39god save me40maybe41drug dealer [feat. Lil Wayne]42wall of fame (interlude)43mainstream sellout44make up sex45emo girl46515047papercuts (album edit)48WW449ay!50fake love don’t last51die in california [feat. Gunna & Young Thug & Landon Barker]52sid & nancy53twin flame54Patient Number 955Immortal56Parasite57No Escape From Now58One of Those Days59A Thousand Shades60Mr Darkness61Nothing Feels Right62Evil Shuffle63Degradation Rules64Dead and Gone65God Only Knows66DARKSIDE BLUES67Held68The Hardest Cut69The Devil & Mister Jones70Wild71My Babe72Feels Alright73On The Radio74Astral Jacket75Satellite76Lucifer On The Sofa77Harmonia's Dream78Broken Horses79Black Summer80BLACKOUT81Kill Or Be Killed82We’ll Be Back83Call Me Little Sunshine84HOLIDAY85Old Man86So Happy It Hurts