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Fireside Instrumentals: Acoustic Music For Thought And Reflection

1The Wide Open Road2Rising Hope3Wishing You Were Here4Shake It off (Instrumental Guitar)5Blackthorn6Second Chances7Questions and Answers8Morning Star9Along The Riverside1010000 Reasons11Sundown12First Snow13Duet for One (Sarah's Idea)14Bridges15Gekokujo Kyuji Main Theme -Acoustic Guitar ver.-16With The Morning Light17By the Fireplace18Dreaming of Starfall19Wonder20Remembrance21A Million Stars22Two Moons Rising23Mountain Aire24Dialogue25The Wedding Song (Where Summer Meets Fall)26Timeless27In the Moment28Awakening (2023 Remaster)29Blind Mary30Hope Begins31Embrace32Release33Longing34Moon over Prairie35You are here36At First Light37Crystal Orb38Sheebeg and Sheemore39For All Things, A Season40From the Deep41The Settlers42Old Photographs43The Boats On The Harbour44Shadow and Light45Tears of a Rose46Listening to the Birds47Where Summer Meets Fall48The Water of Tyne49In The Dark50Autumn's Lullaby51Full Circle52Carol53A Quiet Place To Pray54Bells55Words56Embers57Heartfelt58This Boat Gently Rocks59At The End Of The Day60Princess Royal61Evening Sky62Of Angels & Starlight63Back Where I Started64Of Times Gone By65Out of nowhere66Three Moons67Amazing Grace68Sea Gypsy69Good Morning70Reminiscence71The Sound Of Silence72Abastumani (Duet)73Distant Thunder74Peaceful Rain75Quietly, After The Storm76bajo un cielo azul oscuro77To A Place Unknown (Winter Version)78The Golden Hour79El bosque de las hojas rojas80float along81Adagio82Bonds83Laid-Back Evening84Secrets (Cello & Guitar)85Stay86Summer's Lament87Hidden Truths88The Water Strider89Pre-Dawn Revelation (Fingerstyle Guitar)90Thoughts Of Home91Summer Days92Scarborough Fair (Cello Version)93Whenever I'm With You94Walk With Me95How Deep Is Your Love96A Measure of Peace97Darker Days98Where Rivers Meet99With Hope100Lowlight (Duet)101Dust In The Wind102Willow's Wisp103Aubrey104Seasons105The Undefeated Spirit106Renascent107Home Now108Martyrdom (Movement 1)109De Piedra Y De Agua110Lithe111Memories112The Lakes of Pontchartrain113Women & Roses114Blue115Floating116Our Lake117Be My Mistake118Unknown119Reverence120When I Found You121Twilight122Ashokan Farewell123Lori Anne124Goodbye (feat. Charlie Bisharat & Tom Eaton)125Back of Beyond126Gentle at Heart127Glen Meadow128Weathered129Dreaming of a Better World130Emergence131Kelvingrove132Steam133Moonlight Music134Báidín Fheilimi135A Journey with You136Verdure