1Marching Bands Of Manhattan2The New Year3Soul Meets Body4Lightness5Summer Skin6Title and Registration7Different Names For The Same Thing8Expo '869I Will Follow You Into The Dark10The Sound of Settling11Your Heart Is An Empty Room12Tiny Vessels13Someday You Will Be Loved14Transatlanticism15Crooked Teeth16Passenger Seat17What Sarah Said18Death of an Interior Decorator19Brothers On A Hotel Bed20We Looked Like Giants21Stable Song22A Lack of Color23Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine24Mr. Brightside25Smile Like You Mean It26Somebody Told Me27All These Things That I've Done28Andy, You're A Star29On Top30Change Your Mind31Believe Me Natalie32Midnight Show33Everything Will Be Alright34You're All I Have35How To Be Dead36Hands Open37Wow38Chasing Cars39Gleaming Auction40Shut Your Eyes41Whatever's Left42It's Beginning To Get To Me43Spitting Games44You Could Be Happy45Chocolate46Make This Go On Forever47Run48Set The Fire To The Third Bar [feat. Martha Wainwright]49Grazed Knees50Headlights On Dark Roads51Ways & Means52Open Your Eyes53Tiny Little Fractures54The Finish Line55Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking56Same57Don't Panic58Politik59Shiver60In My Place61Spies62God Put a Smile upon Your Face63Sparks64The Scientist65Yellow66Clocks67Trouble68Daylight69Parachutes70Green Eyes71High Speed72Warning Sign73We Never Change74A Whisper75Everything's Not Lost76A Rush of Blood to the Head77Amsterdam78The District Sleeps Alone Tonight79Such Great Heights80Sleeping In81Nothing Better82Recycled Air83Clark Gable84We Will Become Silhouettes85This Place is a Prison86Brand New Colony87Natural Anthem88Brightest89Testing the Strong Ones90Priceless91Take Care92When Paula Sparks93California94She Changes Your Mind95There Cannot Be a Close Second96Coffee97Walking Downtown98When Finally Set Free99When Paula Sparks (Alternate Version)100Thanks to You