The one that needs finishing

1Coming Down2In the Air Tonight3Doing the Right Thing4Paint It, Black5Breathe6The End 7Devil's Playground8Tear You Apart 9Dragula (from "Haunt")10Deep End11Monsters12The Other Side13Darkening Of The Light (2010 Digital Remaster)14Wait15If I Was Your Vampire16Going Down Fighting17Blackout18Human19Wishing Well (feat. Lucy Tops)20Insomnia 21The World We Made22Bad Moon Rising (Cover) [feat. Peter Dreimanis]23Desperado24You Belong to Me25Face To Face26You Mean The World To Me27Tether Me28This Night29Sirens30Crazy in Love - Fifty Shades of Grey Version31Smother32Dark Side33Sweet Jane34Killing Strangers 35BROKEN NEEDLE36Inside37Mr. Sandman38Lullaby of Woe39Madness40Meds41Lucretia My Reflection42PAINT YOU WITH MY LOVE43Hatefuck 44Wicked Game45Blue Blood46WE ARE CHAOS 47Knocking on Heavens Door48Never Tear Us Apart49After the Fall50Post Blue 51Don't Fear the Reaper (Re:Imagined)52You Love Me53Song To The Siren (Remastered)54The Silence55When It's All Over56Take Me to Church57Devil Devil58Save Your Soul59Freight Train60I Did Something Bad (Cover) 61Poison in the Water62Carry You63Half The Man64Keep Me High65Ghost66Crazy Girls 67Gravedigger 68Stay69I'm In Here (Piano/Vocal Version)70Bury71Love and War72Hurricane73You Made a Monster74These Things (Album Version)75(I Just) Died In Your Arms (Epic Trailer Version)76Jagwar77Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)78How Villains Are Made79Waking Up