Grace & Peace

1Spirit (Keep On)2Autumn in Kingston Springs3Lover of My Soul4The Slow Surrender5Many Waters6Speak7The Faithful Kind8Last Chance // Psalm 889Spirit (Reprise)10God Is Still Here11If You Fall12For You13Redemption14Loved15Create in Me16Stay17Better Things18Come Back to Me19Who You Are20I Believe21Loved (Radio Mix)22Come Back to Me (Bonus Track)23If You Fall (Bonus Track)24I Believe (Bonus Track)25Who You Are (Bonus Track)26I Get To Be The One27The Very Thought Of You28When I'm With You29In The End30Control31No Fight Left32Someday33In The End (Reprise)34Red Against Your Black35Sunshine36Boat Song37Kingdom Come38Braver Still39Braver Still (Acoustic)40Even Here41Coming Home42Behold43There's Nothing Like the Name44Easter Song45O Great Light46When I'm with You47Die Tryin'48Humble Heart49Gallows50Did Not Our Hearts Burn51You and I52No Man (feat. Ellie Holcomb & Brandon Heath)53What Have We Found Ourselves In54One and Only55Sunday Afternoon56Morning Song57Everything58Deja Vu59Would You Be Well60Diamonds61Lay My Head Down62Surprising Me63When You Open Your Mouth64Sunday in the Park65Black Mountain66Today If You Hear Him (feat. Andy Squyres)67Family68End of the World69But I'll Never Forget the Way You Make Me Feel (feat. Ellie Holcomb)70Dragons (feat. The Lone Bellow)71See the World (feat. Ellie Holcomb)72You Want What You Can't Have (feat. Lori Mckenna)73Maybe (feat. Natalie Hemby)74Make It Look so Easy75You Never Leave My Heart76Bittersweet77The Morning Song78California79Fight for Love80Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing81New Year82Sometimes83Mama's Sunshine, Daddy's Rain84Black and Blue85Postcard Memories86Yellow Rose of Santa Fe87Wild World88The Dark Before the Dawn89Every Star Is a Burning Flame90We Will Survive91My One Safe Place92The Rain Keeps Falling93Rejoice94I Want to Say I'm Sorry95Be Kind to Yourself96The Power of a Great Affection97The Sower's Song98His Heart Beats99Risen Indeed100Remember Me101I've Seen Too Much102Remember and Proclaim103Maybe Next Year104Rise Up105Is He Worthy?106All Things Together107After All These Years108The Reckoning (How Long) [Radio Edit]109After the Last Tear Falls (2014 Version)110All Things New111Don't You Want to Thank Someone (Radio Edit)112Lay Me Down113Faith to Be Strong (2014 Version)114You'll Find Your Way115Dancing In The Minefields116The Good Confession (I Believe)117Isn't It Love (2014 Version)118The Far Country119The Silence of God120Holy Is the Lord (2014 Version)121Romans 11 (Doxology)122Nothing to Say (2014 Version)123No More Faith (2014 Version)124To All the Poets125High Noon (Live) [2014 Version]126Everybody's Got a Song127Many Roads128Dancing In The Minefields129Planting Trees130The Magic Hour131World Traveler132Isle of Skye133God of My Fathers134Fool with a Fancy Guitar135In the Night136You Came So Close137The Last Frontier138The Reckoning (How Long)139Come Back Soon140The Cornerstone141Rest Easy