Hip to the Hop

1The Perfection of Beauty (feat. Blair Linne)2The Glory of God (Not to Us)3Taste and See4Our God Is In the Heavens (feat. God's Servant)5The Holiness of God (Reprise)6Mercy and Grace (feat. Timothy Brindle)7Lord of Patience (feat. Melissa T.)8All-Consuming Fire9Perfect Love (feat. Monielle)10Faithful God (feat. Chris Cobbins & Sovereign Grace Kids)11Judge of All the Earth (feat. Sovereign Grace Kids)12The Jealous One (feat. J.R.)13The Omnis (feat. Andy Mineo, Giano & Omri)14Self-Sufficiency By Timothy Brindle15Triune Praise Remix16Table of Contents17The Hypostatic Union18Active Obedience (feat. J.G. of I Six5)19Exalted (Psalm 110) [feat. Joint Heirs]20The Holy Spirit (feat. Timothy Brindle & Leah Smith)21Regeneration Interlude22Regeneration23Election (feat. Willie Will)24Cosmic Powers25Fal$E Teacher$26The Millennium27All Things Are Yours Interlude28Take up and Read (feat. Through Hymn, Omri & Ant)29Theology Q & a with Stephen the Levite30Sacred Science by Blair Linne31With All My Mind (feat. Melissa T.)32Random Thoughts 333Stand Up34Supreme (feat. Beautiful Eulogy)35Turn It Off36MC Goya Battle Rap (Interlude)37I'm Hot38One Day39One Day (Reprise) [feat. Quinten Coblentz]40Ichabod41Lord of All42Immutable (feat. Monielle)43Startling Mystery (feat. Quinten Coblentz)44Washer's Warning45Outsiders46Welcome to America47Say I Won't48Nuthin49Fear50Anomaly51Timepiece52Dirty Water53Wish54Runners55All I Need Is You56Give In57Good Bad Ugly58Broken59Messengers60New Dreams61Robot62I'm Good63War64Fallin'65Ilove66Know Me67One Sixteen68Heart Problem69Take Me There70Beautiful Life71Fantasy72Love on Display73For My Good74Good Thing