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Coffee House Jazz Playlist

1Earmon Jr. (2003 Digital Remaster/The Rudy Van Gelder Edition)2The Bridge (Remastered)3Blues Milanese (Blues at Carnegie Hall)4Yacht Club Swing5Willow Grove (Willow Groove)6Caffeinated Culture7We'll Be Together Again (LP Version)8Traneing In9Our Thing10It's Over Isn't It11Reaching Fourth12My Delight in Her13Alone in the Morning14If I Were A Bell15Blues Connotation (Remastered)16African Exchange Student17Frankenstein (Rudy Van Gelder 24-Bit Remastering/2008)18Easy Livin19Nostradamus20A Murder of Crows21Prophet Jennings (Remastered 1999/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)22The Last Rain23My Sin (Remastered 2000/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)24Oliloqui Valley (Remastered)25Chinese Checkers26Backgammon27Muffins28Village Life29The Chess Players (Remastered 2005)30Ginger Mint31Gilligan's Isle (Album Version)32Around The Corner33Treasure Island34Arietis (Remastered 2003/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)35I Know Why36Stellia37Swingback38Isfahan39Witch Hunt40Them There Eyes41You're A Weaver Of Dreams42Hootnan (Remastered 2004/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)43Pentatonic (Remastered)44Second Genesis45Time and Time Again46A Gal In Calico (Album Version)47Crepuscule with Nellie48Woody I: On the New Ark49Procrastination50Eye of the Beholder51Happy Frame Of Mind52Bittersweet53Moment's Notice54Love Like This55Glass Enclosure (Rudy Van Gelder/24 Bit Mastering/1998 Digital Remaster)56Melancholee (Remastered 2000/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)57I See a New Horizon58That Old Feeling59Phryzzinian Man (2023 Remaster)60Cleopatra61Fried Bananas (Album Version)62Cool Eyes63Love Me Or Leave Me64Gingersnap65Gold Coast66Onilisor67Everybody's Boppin'68Black Coffee69Syeeda's Song Flute (Remastered 2006 / Rudy Van Gelder Edition)70Sakeena's Vision (Remastered 2005)71Deep Night (Rudy Van Gelder Edition/1998 Remaster)72Yakhal' Inkomo73Games (feat. Lilia Iontcheva)74Lazy Afternoon (Remastered 2004)75I Feel A Song Coming On (Album Version) [feat. Clifford Brown & Max Roach & Richie Powell & George Morrow]76Soulin'77Swift (Digital Remaster/2007)78Parfait79Happy Johnny80Mètché Dershé (When Am I Going to Reach There?)81Cafe82Lion's Den (Rudy Van Gelder Edition/2007 Remaster)83Rue De La Harpe84Domino85This Could Be The Start Of Something86Dance for Carlo B