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1st Drop Music RHYMES

1Time For A Breakdown2Marinara Face3Siamese M.C4Faces of Death5Supernatural6You7Dents8Rattlesnake Killa9Beat On The Drums10Magnificence11Hide n Seek12Girl We Drinking Tonight13Ranunculus14The Truth (You Need Me)15Think Revolution16Washed Up Hip Hop Heads17Kerfuffle18Bipolar Nation (Kanye 4 President)19Corpse Bride20Mood For Love21Ah Hell Naw!22Action Hero23Hour Glass24Outer Space Party25Qanon Bible Thump26Staring Problem27Ghosts28Masterpiece29Sunshine Traps30Earth Goggles31Peace32Mind Games33Justify My Mind34Poppin35Run36Now37PHX AZ HOT38Time For A Breakdown39Marinara Face40Siamese M.C41Faces of Death42Supernatural43You44Dents45Rattlesnake Killa46Beat On The Drums47Magnificence48Hide n Seek49Girl We Drinking Tonight50Ranunculus51The Truth (You Need Me)52Think Revolution53Washed Up Hip Hop Heads54Kerfuffle55Bipolar Nation (Kanye 4 President)56Corpse Bride57Mood For Love58Ah Hell Naw!59Action Hero60Hour Glass61Outer Space Party62Qanon Bible Thump63Staring Problem64Ghosts65Masterpiece66Sunshine Traps67Earth Goggles68Peace69Mind Games70Justify My Mind71Poppin72Run73Now74PHX AZ HOT