Stolen Moments - Jazz Music in Minor Keys

1Stolen Moments2No Room For Squares (Remastered 2000 / Rudy Van Gelder Edition)3Cheese Cake (Remastered 1999/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)4Jeannine (Remastered)5Jack The Ripper6Footfall7So What8Pithecanthropus Erectus9Relaxin' With Lee (Remastered)10Children Of The Night (2005 Remaster)11Delilah12Matador13Mating Call (Album Version) [feat. John Coltrane]14Mode To John (Remastered)15Love For Sale (Remastered)16French Spice (Remaster 2003/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)17Dead End18Appointment In Ghana (Remastered)19The Eye Of The Hurricane (Remastered)20Thermo (Album Version)21Decision (Remastered 1999)22Two Sons (Album Version)23Stompin' at the Savoy24Tempus Fugit25The Natives Are Restless Tonight (Rudy Van Gelder Edition/1999 Digital Remaster)26The Procrastinator27Recherche28The Clan29D Minor Mint (Remastered 2004)30Monty's Bag31So Tired (Remastered 2005)32Calling Softly33Summertime34Out Of The Night (Rudy Van Gelder Edition / 1999 Digital Remaster / 24-Bit Mastering)35Crisis (Remastered)36Hot House37Herzog38What Is This Thing Called Love39Deluge (Rudy Van Gelder 24 Bit Mastering/1999 Digital Remaster)40Rahsaan's Run41Major's Minor (Remastered)42One Shirt (Remastered)43Dial S For Sonny (Rudy Van Gelder Edition / 2004 Remaster)44Wise One45Riggarmortes (2005 Digital Remaster)46A Sky Full of Darkness47The Tokyo Blues (Remastered)48Devil's Island49Hub Cap (2003 Digital Remaster/The Rudy Van Gelder Edition)50Voodoo51Bu's Delight (Remastered 2003/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)52Mzungu53Blues Minor54Shangri-la (2006 Digital Remaster)55The Masked Marvel56Slumber (A.K.A. Soft Touch) (Remastered 1993)57Open Sesame (Remastered 2002/Rudy Van Gelder Edition)58Come Sunrise (Remastered)59Dear John C.60Mickey's Tune61I.Q. Blues62It Ain't Necessarily So (Mono Version)63Nica's Dream64Footprints (Remastered)65One Finger Snap (Remastered)66Jean De Fleur (Rudy Van Gelder Edition / Remastered 1999)67Minority (Master Take)68Ace Deuce Trey69Alone Together70Tahiti71Weirdo72Li'l Hankie
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