Top Christian Albums 2021 (

1Eden2Friend3Make Your Move4Praise Him Forever5Day or Night6Back to Life7Hold Me Together8All I'm After9Find You10On My Mind11You Have My Heart12Digital Death13In Your Hands14Carry My Cross15Little Things16Brought You Out17Ministry18Joy of the Lord19I'm Free20Big God21You Did It22Light on a Hill23The Year of His Favor (Isaiah 61) (feat. Resound)24Who is This Jesus?25Don't Want to Miss Your Heart26Jesus, Full of Compassion27Your Heart Was Set (feat. Sean Carter)28Find Rest (Matthew 11) (feat. Taylor Leonhardt)29Turn the Tables30Come After Me31Let It Be So With Your Church (feat. Resound)32Precious33Let's Call It Forever34Nearness35Adore36Face to Face37I've Tried Everything38No Business39CVS40Never Get Used to It41You Didn't Break It42Waterfall43Tenderness44His Wings45Testify46Mercy Triumph47Children's Song48Freedom49Restless Ones50Wait51New Day (2020 Reprise)52Your Eyes See Me (feat. Nashville Life Music, Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) [Acoustic]53Bet All I Have / The Solid Rock (feat. Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) [Acoustic]54Good God (feat. Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt & Leslie Jordan) [Acoustic]55Where I Go (feat. Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) [Acoustic]56Behold (feat. Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt & Sarah McMillan) [Acoustic]57Never See the End (feat. Corey Voss, Taylor Leonhardt & Jess Ray) [Acoustic]58Take Heart (feat. Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) [Acoustic]59Psalm 116 (I Love You, Lord) (feat. Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt, Andrew Peterson & Skye Peterson) [Acoustic]60I Don't Have Much (feat. Josh Baldwin, Taylor Leonhardt & Jess Ray) [Acoustic]61Come People of God62Jesus I Will Walk With You63Is Anything too Hard for You64Your Cross, O Lord65Take me to that Ancient Hill66No Greater Hope67Elijah68Charlestown69Glory70Bones71Seasons72All Is Well73Abraham74I Don't Know Yet75You76Honesty77My Offering78Teresa79Psalm 4280When I Found Jesus81O Perfect Father (feat. Lucy Grimble)82Let Me Know Your Heart83Christ Our Hope In Life and Death (feat. Sandra McCracken)84No Other God85By Grace We Have Been Saved86The Good Shepherd87Finish The Race88All We Have Is Christ89Justified By Faith Alone90Oh Great High Priest91The River92O Philippi (1:1-11)93Behind Bars, Or, Up the River (1:12-18)94Of Life and Death (1:18-26)95Noise Feed96Anthem of Rome97Cityzens, Pts. 1-3 (1:27-30)98Complete My Joy (2:1-4)99For Lydia100Like Jesus (2:5-11)101Hymnos Christou (2:5-11)102Anthem of Zion (2:5-11)103In Light (2:12-18)104Honor These Men (2:19-30)105Finally... (3:1)106I Am Better Than You (3:2-11)107Run Like Earth (3:12-16)108Cityzens, Pts. 4-5 (3:17-4:1)109For Euodia and Syntyche (4:2-3)110Rejoice in the Lord (4:4-7)111Breaking Noise112Think of These Things (4:8-9)113Will You Go Down? (4:10-23)114The Delta115Tear My House Down116Mercy117God Is Love (Live From The Smoakstack)118Let The Ground Rest (Live From The Smoakstack)119Springtime (Live From The Smoakstack)120Psalm 146 (English Standard Version)121Psalm 4 (English Standard Version)122Psalm 11 (English Standard Version)123Psalm 15 (English Standard Version)124Psalm 53 (English Standard Version)125Psalm 88:1-7 (English Standard Version)126Psalm 88:8-18 (English Standard Version)127Psalm 43 (English Standard Version)128Psalm 150 (English Standard Version)129Psalm 119:105-112 (English Standard Version)130Psalm 100 (Make a Joyful Noise)131Psalm 23 (The House of the Lord Forever)132Psalm 1 (That Man Hath Perfect Blessedness)133Psalm 110 (He Will Shatter Kings of Men)134Bright, the Rider