Peaceful Acoustic Instrumentals

1Just Beyond the Horizon2The Desire3Secrets (Cello & Guitar)4Schindler 's List Theme (Arr. for Cello & Piano)5New Moon Rising6Eagle7Rare the Snow Falls8Out of the Ashes9Nocturne for Violin in D Minor10Beyond The Willow Tree11Spring Breeze12A Measure of Peace13From Dust14Cloud's Rest15The Lost Summer16Swan Lake Story, Op. 1 (Solo Cello Version)17Calling Angels18Luminous19Serenade for Violin and Viola20Dancing in the Shadows21Peaceful Rain22Peaceful Hills in C Major23Soar24She Dances on Cloudtops25Sleep with the Angels26Meditation Space27Antelope Canyon28Greeting the Spirit29Elegy for Viola30Ethereal (Piano & Cello)31Whenever I'm With You32Rain33Mourners Walk (feat. Maja Molander) (Piano and Cello Version)34Faith35A Child's Wonder (feat. Kristen Miller)36Plum Trees37Silver Sea (Cello & Piano)38C'est La Vie39The Afterglow40Mesa Grande41Valencia42First Snow43Charme44Three Trees45Bridge Beyond (Flute and Guitar Duet)46Cuckoo Elegy Revisited47Wide Open Spaces48Wild Horses Run Free49It Had To Be Like That50Ninna Nanna51Redefined (Reworked)52Blue Ridge Dream53Homecoming54Soulshine55Rain Cloud56red57Home58Romance for Viola59Via Dolorosa60The Golden Hour61Oblivion62The Hobbit Longs For Home63Intercede, Pt. 164In Flight (Violin Version)65The Passing of Time66September Winds67Chase the Chills68Onio (Piano and Cello) [feat. Maja Molander]69Lover's Lament Orchestrated70Partisans