1Paradigm Shift (feat. Paul Brown)2Perfect Timing3Step to This4Nothing Ever Hurt Like You5Busta Move6Joy Dance7Eddie's Groove8Nine 2 Five9Stay With Me10Secret Sauce11Ready or Not12Let's Get Down Tonight13Bring It Back [feat. Dontae Winslow]14Good On You15Sunset (Por Do Sol)16Easy Livin'17Co-Motion18Time to Shine19Tickle Time20I'll Be the One21Pastel Leather22Crush23Dance Beat24Panama City Groove25Shadow of Doubt26After We Play27Show Me28Highway 529Highway 1030Convergency31Force32Sensuality33City Lights34Ride With Me35Love Planet36Sistas (feat. Brian Culbertson)37Off The Top38Electric Shock39Let It Breathe40Summertime In NYC41Broken Promises (Radio Single)42Rollin' out43Drive44Take It Home45A Coastal Breeze46New Bossa47Pioneer Town48Journey To Love49OUR KIND OF LOVE50As51Blue Sphere52Road Trip53Let's Move (feat. Richard Elliot)54Thunder55We Can Work It Out56Momentum57Cold Duck Time58Say It Aint Good to Ya59Keeping It Real60London Chimes61Transitions62Candie’s Dance63Romance the Rain64Georgy Porgy65Heart of Mine66New Heights67Let's Rewind68Passport to Paradise69After Party70Kinetic (feat. Jimmy Reid)71This Is the Good One72So Amazing73Dream Again74New Day75Wait and See (Radio Edit)76Come Party With Me77Night Groove78Turkish79Still Hanging80I Like That (feat. Fred Smith)81Unwelcomed82On the Move83Freddie's Groove84In the Moment (feat. West Byrd & Kelley O'Neal)85You Smile, I Smile (feat. Sonny Emory)86Me Myself & Rio De Novo87Cruisin' in the Wind88All The Way89Soul Ties90Movin On91Workin'92Hustle93Shudda-Sed-Sompin-Din (Instrumental Mix)94Deep Into You (feat. Blake Aaron)