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Distro 1

1Gem of the Valley (Official Song of Murrieta)2Take the Weather With You (feat. Alexis Umathum)3Always Come Back to Me (feat. Jillian Calkins)4Someone Else's Eyes (feat. Misha Williams)5Harder (feat. Jessica Tourino)6I Want to Sing (feat. Aliann Brawner)7Miracle of My Life (feat. Robynne French)8Move (feat. Lincelie)9Last Day of Summer (feat. Bekah Spaargaren)10Lesson I Never Learned (feat. Hayley Stayner)11Don't Tell Me You Love Me (feat. Cherish)12Footprints on My Heart (feat. Kenna Nicole)13Daddy Don't Go (feat. Patricia Jewel)14Midway Grocer (feat. Mary Lancaster)15Starting Now16Dream Crusher17Just Leave18Broken19Diamonds to Dust20Reach Up21Over You22Skin Deep23Harder24Not That Lonely25How to Make it Right26Tell Her27Any Day Now28Lovely29Move With Me30My Life Good31Come to My Room32Drive You to the Sun33The Sorry Song34Take Me to Your Leader35Rock Steady36Runaway Criminal37Ordinary Love Disconnection38Till That Day39Daisy Lou40Shovel or the Gun41Roses In December42The Coal Men43Close Is Just a Game44If You're Loved45I Assure You46Deep Down47Burn48The Queen49Victim Card50Calabro Street51Hell of a Drug52Shouldn't Be53Isolation54Stay Strong For Mom55Powerful56House of Tears57Dark Flames58Roses in December