Westminster Shorter Catechism

1Q1: What is the chief end of man?2Q2: What rule hath God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him?3Q3: What do the Scriptures principally teach?4Q4: What is God?5Q5: Are there more Gods than one?6Q6: How many persons are there in the godhead?7Q7: What are the decrees of God?8Q8: How doth God execute His decrees?9Q9: What is the work of creation?10Q10: How did God create man?11Q11: What are God's works of providence?12Q12: What special act of providence did God exercise toward man in the estate wherein he was created?13Q13: Did our first parents continue in the estate wherein they were created?14Q14: What is sin?15Q15: What was the sin whereby our first parents fell from the estate wherein they were created?16Q16: Did all mankind fall in Adam's first transgression?17Q17: Into what estate did the fall bring mankind?18Q18: Wherein consists the sinfulness of that estate whereinto man fell?19Q19: What is the misery of that estate whereinto man fell?20Q20: Did God leave all mankind to perish in the estate of sin and misery?21Q21: Who is the redeemer of God's elect?
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