The Nihryst Series

1Live Like Legends2A New Beginning3Scotland4Family and Genus5Castle6Mulan's Decision7Enemies8Ship To Wreck9This Feeling10He's a Pirate11Showdown12Until We Go Down13The Fault In Our Stars (MMXIV)14Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)15Battlefield16Breathe Me17The Wedding Of River Song18Supercut19Waiting for the Lights (From "Tangled"/Score)20War of Hearts21Singapore (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"/Score)22Statues23Cuddle Fuddle24Find You25Not Today26Stubborn Love27Tell Me Who You Are28ocean eyes29Where We Come Alive30To Save the Doctor31Heart By Heart32Cosmic Love33The Other Side34Infinite Potential35Rivers and Roads36Courtyard Apocalypse37I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"/Score)38Game Of Survival39Together or Not at All - The Song of Amy and Rory (From "Doctor Who" Series 7)40The Night King41The Tear Heals (From "Tangled"/Score)42Never Let Me Go43Remember Me44The Last of the Starks 45Up Is Down (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"/Score)46Legends Never Die (feat. Against the Current)47Fearless48come out and play49Healing Katniss50Rue's Farewell51Safe & Sound (Taylor's Version)52Abraham's Daughter53Eyes Open (Taylor's Version)54The Riders Of Rohan55A Quarter Quell56We’re A Team57I Need You58Silent Sparrow59An Unusual Prince / Once Upon A Dream (From "Sleeping Beauty"/Soundtrack Version)60Vuelie (From "Frozen"/Score) [feat. Cantus]61Some People Are Worth Melting For (From "Frozen"/Score)62Whiteout (From "Frozen"/Score)63This Town64AJ's Return65Leaving66Short Straw67Launch68Nobody Knows69Gale Song70Be Still71Remember72Introduction73All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Version)74Kingdom Dance (From "Tangled"/Score)75Robin Hood76Yellow Flicker Beat77Still Falling For You (From "Bridget Jones's Baby")78The Energy Never Dies79Someone You Loved80Farewell (From "Pocahontas"/Score)81Surrender82Execution (From "Pocahontas"/Score)83I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) (From "Treasure Planet"/Soundtrack Version)8412 Years Later (From "Treasure Planet"/Score)85Walk Through the Fire (feat. Ruelle)86Up in Flames87Fear on Fire88Air Raid Drill89Put Me On The Air90The Flood91Rude Awakening92Reunion93Portals94Practical Magic95Crystal96exile [feat. Bon Iver]97the 198august99invisible string100Everything Has Changed [feat. Ed Sheeran]101Always Know Where You Are (From "Treasure Planet"/Soundtrack Version)102We'll Be The Stars103Famous Last Words104Ever After105Good To You106We Could Go Home107Tenuous Winners/Returning Home108The Wolf109In My Blood110Something To Believe In111You And Me112Strangers113Hesitate114(Everything I Do) I Do It For You115Transformation (From "Beauty and the Beast"/Soundtrack Version)116If the World Was Ending117I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)118Battle At Hoback119Haunted120Will And Elizabeth121Your Guardian Angel122Wellerman (Sea Shanty)123Hello Beastie124Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"/Score)125One Day (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"/Score)126Misty Mountains127I Get to Love You128long story short129I See Fire130Wonder131Recover132Courage and Kindness133Know Who You Are