DPG Spotlight Artists

1Born2Let There Be Love3Headcase4A Thousand Years from Now5Little Sister6Salt (NLMG)7For the Record8Dark Beside the Dawn9You Feel It Too (Caught in the Rain Edamame Remix)10You Give Me Something11Going to California12Blacklight13Doing It Over14Middle of America159516Don't Know Me Without You17African Daisy18Under Your Influence19Love The Way You Feel (feat. Brunette)20Malibu Coast21Little Things22Yankee Doodle Went to Town (Miami Bass Edition)23Compromised24Imperfect Goddess25Trust Life (Acoustic)26Scorpio27Qualified28Million Things29Black and Blue30So Damn Charming31What You Do to Me (Radio Edit)32Madonna33Turning the Shoulder (Live on Windrake Farm)34Dear Me35I Want Your Love36Trust Issues (feat. Kendall Gallo)37Sh!tshow38Waterfall (Instrumental)39Violet Light40Break Away41The Ballad of Wiley Post & Will Rogers42Cry43A New Kind of Universe44So Clean45Something to Tell You46Paper47Clouds Lift48You Give Me Something49Colours50Even the Darkness Has Arms51Rooting For You52Toward The Cause53See the Stars (Radio Edit)54Always Be My Baby [feat. SHASTA]55Le Rêve56The Sound of You (AG's Ambient Heart Mix)57Rainmaker58LUXE59All Went Black60You and Elvis61Out the Window62This Ain't My Sin63A-Town64Ashley65You Feel It Too66Black and White67Josephine68Coquihalla69Blue Eyed Girls70That's What You Get71Better Now72Dirty Little Lie73Dancing with Myself74Better Life75Sweet Talker76Let Me In77Forty Light Years78Love the Way You Are79The Sound of You (feat. Go Comet!) (Radio Edit)80Friends81Gold Leaf82Vitality (Axel Thesleff Remix)83Homo Sapiens Love84Kansas City85The River86The Way That She Loves87Salvation88On the Ledge89Disclaimer90Bitter Taste91Carry Us92Today I'm Staying Home93Urban Love94Station Out of Range95The Last Time96The Mess We've Become973x598Daisychain99Disclaimer (Wariner Remix)100Chicken Masala101Dreamed About El Paso102Alive103All the Love104Earthquake105Let's Make Love106Comfort in the Chaos107It's All About the Music (feat. MC Em Lowe)108Crush You109Paperback Writer110Treason111How Long 'Til I Lose You112Rocket Man113Lone Prairie114Role Model115Eternal Ride of a Heartful Mind116Note to Self117King Kong Hand118Don't Feel Like Christmas119It Isn't True120Coconut Rum and Coke (feat. Maffio)121Sweater Weather122Thought You'd Be Around123And You Are (feat. Scott McCaughey)124It's All Good125Investment126When I Saw You Tonight127If You're Gonna Drive, I'm Gonna Drink128Far from Here129Surrender130Lying131Morning Clover132Heart of Steel133Face in the Crowd134Body Map135with you/for you136I'll Break Your Heart137Chasing Daylight138Loner vs Lover139Donna Summer140The Middle141Abilene