The Human Contract

Maria Dolores of Scandinavia

The show THE HUMAN CONTRACT is all about our human rights and human responsibilities. It is leadership for all humans. It is meant to be free of religious or partisan biases. The contract is made up of seven principles that are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In early episodes I expose unvarnished examples from my own life, and learnings. In later programs, we have guest experts and topics related to these seven principles. The seven underlying principles of The Human Contract are: our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our expression and communication, our movements, our lives, and, finally, our collective rights and responsibilities. By understanding and living the principles in The Human Contract we evolve as humans and humanity. We are living POWER TO THE PEOPLE and empowerment to us! The Human Contract is to be accountable as a human, for yourself, by yourself and for the world. Join us for new programs.