The Power of Debriefing: An Insight Into Effective Teamwork with Scott Tannenbaum, PhD | Ep 41

No Way Out

Aug 29 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

We're thrilled to have Scott Tannenbaum, PhD, a distinguished expert in the field of team science, joining us for an insightful conversation that will definitely pique your interest. Get ready to gain a wealth of knowledge as we delve into the heart of team evolution, the power of feedback, and the art and science of debriefing. From the tech industry’s retrospectives to the military’s debriefing practices, we scrutinize different sectors' approaches and uncover secrets to team improvement.

Let's dissect the importance of psychological safety in a team – a factor that could make or break success. We discuss the impact of asymmetrical power relationships and how leaders can foster a psychologically safe environment for everyone to thrive. Going beyond the scope of an individual, we explore how leaders can set their team up for success, and even delve into NASA's ingenious practices that enhance role clarity.

Wrapping up our chat, we touch on the rise of rapidly formed teams, the significance of behavioral markers, and the importance of simulation in team development. We shed light on how traditional solutions for intact teams might not always apply to the rapidly changing team structures in today's workplaces.. So if team effectiveness, debriefing, and psychological safety are on your radar, let this podcast be your guide to mastering these vital aspects.

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