Flow: Reimagining Agile (WAF 2023 Panel: Hendrickson, Kerievsky, Kleiner, Denning, Kern)

No Way Out

Oct 7 2023 • 43 mins

Ready to unlock the potential of flow and examine the future of Agile? This episode promises to immerse you in a captivating discussion with our guests Chet Hendrickson, Steve Denning,  Jon Kern,  Joshua Kerievsky, and Mirko Kleiner, as we collectively navigate the realms of management, safety, human-centered design, and cognitive diversity. We take a deep dive into the essence of safety in eXtreme Programming (XP) and Agile, emphasizing its critical role in achieving optimized performance. Prepare for an insightful dissection of the status quo as we learn from the Hyatt housekeepers' innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Thriving in any industry requires a keen understanding of its evolution.  Imagine a future where mental health, psychological safety, and lifestyle habits such as food, exercise, and sleep converge to create a conducive environment for change. This episode is designed to push the boundaries of your thinking and awaken your curiosity as we explore Agile beyond the traditional "echo chamber."

To wrap things up, we cast a speculative look at Agile management's impact on CEOs and the future of businesses. Brace yourselves as we dive headfirst into the sea of artificial intelligence, assessing both the potential benefits and the risks involved. We envision what a multi-dimensional reimagination of management would look like and speculate on the implications of such a drastic change in business schools. With the aim to spark a revolution in your mind, we unravel the concept of an agile organization, from human factors to implementation, and consider the potential of 20% of firms to put the bottom 80% out of business. Are you ready to reimagine the future of agility and management with us? Let's get started!

Steve Denning
Joshua Kerievsky
Mirko Kleiner
Chet Hendrickson
Jon Kern

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