055 The 3 Most Unpopular Secrets to Genuine Personal Growth, Secret #3

The Attracting Lasting Love Podcast

Mar 28 2022 • 53 mins

Those of us who listen to podcasts (or read books) are usually interested in learning, change and growth. It's in our nature. And yet, genuine, measurable growth, the kind that is clearly recognizable to us and everyone else around us, is rare at worst and slow at best.

Why? Why is change and genuine growth so difficult and rare?

Well, in part one of this three part series, our host, Roy Biancalana, shared that working on our weaknesses is the first secret to genuine growth.

In part two, he said that having unrealistic expectations (created by pop psychology and ignorant or deceptive "experts") about what genuine growth actually looks like is the second unpopular secret.

Now, in the final installment of this series, Roy describes the third unpopular secret to genuine personal growth. This one might be the most unpopular of all.

What is it? Oh, it's worth a listen to find out!!

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