Meet Dr Heather McKee

People Soup

Jun 22 2023 • 41 mins

Hi there and a very warm welcome to Season 5 Episode 21 of People Soup – it’s Ross McIntosh here.

P-Soupers - it's my honour to introduce you to Dr Heather McKee. Heather is a health behaviour change specialist. She helps companies create evidence-based health and wellness programmes that bring about long term change for their customers or employees. She also helps individuals to create health habits that last through her Bite-Sized Habits course.

In this episode, we hear all about Heather's squiggly career path, the barriers to living a healthy life, the different types of motivation and much more. Heather is such an engaging speaker, it was a true joy to chat and I think you're going to love it.

People Soup is an award winning podcast where we share evidence based behavioural science, in a way that’s practical, accessible and fun. We're all about Unlocking Workplace Potential with expert perspectives from Contextual Behavioural Science.

Another first for Season 5 is that I'm adding a transcript, wherever possible. There is a caveat - this transcript is largely generated by Artificial Intelligence, I have corrected many errors but I won't have captured them all! You can also find the shownotes by clicking on notes, keep scrolling for all the useful links.

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