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How to use marketing assets when resources are low
Jan 24 2023
How to use marketing assets when resources are low
How do align marketing assets when resources are low? Taking advantage of all of your resources will be a valuable skill as B2B SaaS marketers navigate through the current economy. * You likely have more assets within your organization than you’re aware of.* Aligning marketing assets with current needs and resonance within the organization* Share assets across the organizationCategories of Assets Josh mentionsTalent / People Skills* Founders / Team members* Examples .. Tactical skills * Thought Leadership Content Marketing* SEO* Copywriting for Landing Pages* Technical writing* Demand Generation* B2B Social Media* Product Design UI/UX* Product Management* Customer Advocacy* Customer Systems + Integration Workflows (CRMs, CMS, Zapier)* Email Newsletter/Publication Communication Writing to Customers & Prospects* Customer Interviews* Product Launches* Video Content Creation* People Management* Project Management* Partnership Management* Creating frameworks for explaining conceptsDistribution - Access to people* Email lists* Customers* Newsletter subscribers* Communities?* SEO Traffic* Social Media Following* Networks (people) * Partnerships/Friends....* Side of a truck* Side of building Content* Quizzes* PDFs* Calculators* "Universities / learning centers"* Hubspot AcademyAccess to Insights* Sales team (recordings) a la gong?* CRM data* Product usage data* Aggregate customer data This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit