Writing is hard: Find the balance between high value and high quality writing

Marketing Retro Podcast

Feb 21 2023 • 31 mins

The 42/Agency Process was a different approach to putting together a “thought-piece” in their newsletter. Josh and Adrienne take a look at how the team takes what feels like a casual conversation and turned it into high-value content.

Ways 42/Agency Created a Thought-Leadership Piece:

* Approached the interview as a conversation and somewhat open-ended.

* Listen to the conversation and let it direct the narrative of the content rather than looking for points to back up an already-established narrative.

* The in-depth nuanced style content takes longer, but will be much more valued in the world of AI written content.

* Can a brand have the long term viewpoint on content creation?

* Find some great journalists to help with content.

Great examples of companies creating content in a different way:

* Sparktoro

* Databox

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