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Mar 6 2024 • 25 mins

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Why do we choose not to use our CRM?  Too often we complain about how we need more sales help, resources or benefits from the company. What can a CRM do for you? This is what we discuss in this episode.

Challenges using CRM that we tell ourselves:

  1. Save time by not using your CRM - it takes too much time. While you might think that now, it is when you are at the follow up meeting and can't remember the next steps, you should have taken more time writing down notes.
  2. Notes put in are not clear enough - be detailed enough that someone else reading can understand what is happening.
  3. Not reviewing the notes taken - ensure you go back to the notes after taking them.
  4. Leverage the analytics - if you are taking the time and reviewing the notes, then you should also maximize the data it provides.
  5. Accountability exists even if you don't write it down - even if you do not write down your goals, you will still be held accountable. The CRM helps because it is an actual note. Without a detailed note, goals can be modified without your approval.
  6. You can't get rid of me if I don't keep a CRM - You are not replaceable if you are good. You have relationships that will take someone significant time to cultivate. You can be replaced but it make take time. Writing down the information on the CRM doesn't change the speed of being replaced.

We spend the time talking about practical ways to utilize the CRM effectively. Using the CRM correctly, by using administrative time correctly, will help you improve efficiency and greatly benefit your sales.

Save yourself time by writing down clear notes that you review, allow them to feed into the larger data, create accountability and make you a better sales rep that will help you not be replaceable!

Scott Schlofman
Mike Williams

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