Sway Your "A"

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Feb 21 2024 • 33 mins

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Welcome to the not-so-typical "A" personality spectrum where you'll encounter our fab five of "A" personality types: Adversarial, Antagonistic, Agnostic, Apathetic, and Advocate. And every complex sales call encounters at least three of the personalities. But fear not, for every "A", there's a way to sway!

First up, we've got the Adversarial bunch. These are the folks who are "negatively vocal." They're openly opposed to you or your product for some reason, but fear not, your mission is to reassure them that you're not here to steal your competitor's lunch money. You're offering something that others just can't match. It's like persuading someone not to buy all their baked goods from the dark side because you have the best cookies.

Next, meet the Antagonistic crew. These sneaky folks are trying to undermine your efforts and kick you out without even saying a word. Finding them is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but with patience and a lot of coffee chats, you might just uncover them and learn about their hesitations.

Now, the Agnostic gang. They're like the indifferent teenagers of the bunch. They don't care either way, but your job is to make them care. Show them how your product can make their lives easier, like telling someone that adding bacon to anything makes it better.

Moving on, we've got the Apathetic pals. They're cool with you but not so much with your product. It's like they're at a party, but not really vibing with the music. Don't leave them hanging, though. Get them involved, maybe even ask them to be your product spokesperson. Who knows, they might just become your biggest cheerleader!

Last but not least, the Advocates. These are the champions, the folks who spread the word like wildfire. Once you've got them on your side and you keep them enthused and happy, referrals start rolling in faster than you can say "sales superstar."

So there you have it, the "A's" of the Account Spectrum and how to navigate them. It's like a game of emotional chess, but with bigger payoffs than just checkmate.

Scott Schlofman
Mike Williams

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