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Feb 14 2024 • 38 mins

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Justin Ashby serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Alysio, and also assumes the role of host for the "Great Day in Sales" Podcast. Besides that, he is a lot of fun! His insights, knowledge, and experience can't hold a candle to his sarcasm and humor!

In our interview, we delve into two primary subjects:

  1. Alysio aims to redefine the concept of exceptional sales practices. As sales reps, we find ourselves neglecting to monitor the appropriate leading indicators. Alysio introduced a gamified approach to tracking the right key performance indicators, which prompts action on the metrics that truly impact results. Explore Alysio to ensure your focus is on the right metrics.
  2. Secondly, the "Great Day in Sales" Podcast boasts an impressive array of guests who share diverse perspectives on sales. The podcast consistently features insightful discussions with industry experts with Justin the host. Check it out!

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Scott Schlofman
Mike Williams

#winwin #sales #podcast #customerfirst #relationships #success

Scott Schlofman
Mike Williams

#sales #podcast #customerfirst #relationships #success #pipeline #funnel #sales success #selling #salescoach