LPX Episode 11: FreeDOS keeps classic computing alive, decades after MS-DOS


Aug 10 2016 • 36 mins

A generation of computer users grew up using Microsoft DOS in the 80s and 90s, but Microsoft started to phase out the operating system with the launch of Windows 95.

Decades later, there are still people playing DOS-based games and even corporations using DOS-based software. Writer George R.R. Martin famously said in 2014 that he was still using a DOS-based word processor to compose his books.

Don't have your stack of 3.5 inch floppies with DOS handy? That's OK... because for more than two decades the developers of FreeDOS have been offering a free and open source alternative to Microsoft's defunct operating system.

On LPX Show episode 11: a conversation with Jim Hall for about freeDOS, classic computing, and free software.

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