LPX Episode 13: Someone is wrong on the internet!


Nov 21 2016 • 43 mins

For the past two decades, Snopes.com has been debunking myths, hoaxes, and other false information:

  • Want to know if there's real evidence of Bigfoot's existence? Check Snopes.
  • Want to know if Bill Gates is really giving away money to people who share a post on Snopes? Snopes to the rescue.
  • And want to know if Marijuana can make you smarter? Snopes is on it.

The answers to those questions, by the way are no, nope, and... maybe?

Recently a lot of the stories Snopes have been investigating have been political... and a lot of them can be traced back to fake news sites.

Brooke Binkowski is managing editor of Snopes.com, and she's my guest for the LPX Show episode 12. Binkowski has an interesting take on fake news: the way to fight it is by producing better real news.

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