LPX Episode 12: Superbook turns your smartphone into a laptop


Sep 8 2016 • 31 mins

Smartphones are useful for a lot of things. You can read the news, watch videos, play games, keep up on your email, and even write a novel on a smartphone. Oh yeah, you can also make phone calls and send text messages.

But sometimes you want a larger screen, a bigger keyboard, or some of the other features you get from a laptop or desktop computer.

Today most of us probably have at least two devices: a smartphone and a PC (or Mac... which is technically a PC, but whatever). Andromium CEO Andrew Jiang envisions a world where you only need one: your phone. Want more screen space? Just plug in a peripheral... like the company's Superbook.

On LPX Show Episode 12: a conversation with Andromium CEO Andrew Jiang about the idea behind the Superbook, why he thinks the idea has resonated, and how it differs from previous laptop docks, such as the ill-fated Palm Foleo and Motorola Atrix Lapdock.

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