Destination Sinister


A Canadian Crime Podcast. Join us on a road trip, exploring the deep, dark corners of Canada. Instagram: @destinationsinister - Twitter: @sinistercanada - Facebook Group: A Sinister Place - Support: www.buymeacoffee.com/sinister

A Wannabe Rap Star - Mark Moore (Ontario)Nova Scotia Under Attack - Gabriel WortmanThe Sexual Predators - Shayne Lund, Avery Taylor, and Kathryn Thompson (Ontario)Kassidi Coyle - A Four Month Wait (Ontario)The Canadian Black WidowPeter Demeter - A Diabolical Criminal (Ontario)Satanic Suicide (Ontario) - MINI EPISODEBarry and Honey Sherman - The Billionaire Murder Mystery (Ontario)Albert Guay - 'At Least I Die Famous' (Quebec)Michael Wayne McGray - The Transient KillerThe Pickering Six (Ontario)John Connelly - Was it Suicide, or Murder? (Ontario)Nina Courtepatte (Alberta)Wesley Hallam's Murder (Ontario)Bruce McArthur (Ontario)Janet Smith (British Columbia)