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Join your favorite trio: John, Josh, and Sean every Monday and Friday at 11:00 AM CST as they go through the juiciest stories on Reddit from popular subreddits ranging from TIFU, TrueOffMyChest, AITA, and many others. read less

Our Editor's Take

What do Reddit and Wikipedia have in common? They both harbor enormous amounts of information, fuelled and curated by anyone and everyone. The podcast Reddit on Wiki is on a mission to bring even the most outrageous of online entries to light.

Reddit on Wiki publishes two different types of episodes each week. Every Monday, the hosts get stuck into one random topic on Wikipedia. And that could be anything, from the worst year in history to the origins of Valentine's Day.

On Friday, episodes can get even more heated, as the focus shifts to Reddit. The hosts dig through the wildest of Reddit threads to reveal the craziest user stories. And listeners can be sure every single one of them is true. The more offensive or outlandish the story, the better the episode.

There's no question that these are nothing short of riveting. But the engine that drives the show is the friendship between hosts John Schell, John Consignado, and Sean Salvino. Podcasts are best when they are a labor of love, and it's obvious that these three enjoy being here.

Reddit on Wiki puts two of the most controversial corners of the Internet under strict review. Funny and honest, this podcast manages the balance between belly laughs and insight.

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