Saturn Rising

Ngano Press Studios

Lily Bautisa stars as Eularia "Laria" Longfellow in "Saturn Rising" a five part scripted science fiction podcast adventure.

Adapted from the short story by author Sarah Reichert, Saturn Rising explores ideas of oppression, equity, and how one person can change the fate of our entire human existence with a little bit of bravery and a lot of help from friends. In a distant future, Earth has been abandoned and humanity has fled to the outer planets of our solar system. A counsel of royals rule over the Saturn colony with cruelty. They grow their vast wealth off the backs of the lower class, who slave over dangerous mines. Those who do not submit to the royal rule, are forced to live a life as space pirates, stealing what they can to get by. When space pirate Eularia Longfellow, steals a map that the royals are desperate to find, she is set off on an epic adventure to protect the map and rescue humanity.

New episodes on the 28th of every month.

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