114. What Does a Healthy Christian Relationship Looks Like? Part 1

UncommonTEEN: The Podcast for Christian Teen Girls

Mar 25 2024 • 20 mins

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This week, Pastor Chris Dubois is joining us on the UncommonTEEN Podcast. He is the founder and senior Pastor of the Awakening Church in Dover, NH. Along with being a husband and father of 6 kids, he is also the author of three books, including the one we are going to be talking about today called, “A Better Approach to Dating: Navigating the Modern Dating Scene with God’s Guidance.

This is a 2 part episode. In this week's episode, Pastor Chris Dubois answers the question, "What does a healthy Christian Relationship Look Like?"

In part 2, airing on April 8th, 2024, we are answering the question, "I like this Christian guy, but he doesn't like me. What should I do?" You aren't going to want to miss these episodes!

Check out Pastor Chris Dubois book here: A Better Approach to Dating: Navigating the Modern Dating Scene with God's Guidance

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