111. Overcoming Anxiety with Caris Snider

UncommonTEEN: The Podcast for Christian Teen Girls

Mar 4 2024 • 25 mins

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One thing I love about author, speaker and life coach Caris Snider is her heart for God and her message on how to overcome anxiety with the Word of God! I guess that's really two things!

This week, Caris gives us practical steps that we can take in order to not just deal with anxiety and depression, but overcome them once and for all! Ladies, there is hope! There is freedom!!

Be sure to check out Caris Snider's new Devotional for Teens! This is a must-have book for everyone ages 13 through 18!

Here's a little sneak peek below:

From "Anxiety Elephants for Teens: a 90-Day Devotional:"

Anxiety is more prevalent now in the lives of teens than ever before.

As the world has become more confusing, and the pressures are on the next generation for a host of anxiety-inducing issues, teenagers may find themselves crippled under the weight of their fears. Nevertheless, Scripture has something to say about the mental health issues our teens face. Anxiety expert Caris Snider will walk readers through how to manage their symptoms and trust in God through this ninety-day devotional.

Caris’s relatable prose and kind voice will ease readers through their daily struggles as they see God’s providential hand in their lives.

As teens face an unprecedented world, ensure they are equipped with this guide on tackling their fears…and embracing the future God has paved for them.

Anxiety Elephants for Teens: A 90-Day Devotional

Available March 5, 2024!  Pre-Order Your Copy Now:

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