109. AMA: Grace Asks, "Why Do You Believe In God? And Why Should I?"

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Feb 19 2024 • 20 mins

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In this week's Ask Me Anything Episode, Grace asks: "Why do you believe in God? And why should I?

Why do I believe in God?

When I was at the lowest of lows, God came in and rescued me.

When I was completely broken, He still wanted me.

When my own family didn’t want me, God said, “I want you!”

When the world said there was no use for me, I was just a throwaway, God said, “I have a purpose for you.”

When the world said that I wasn’t worth loving, God said, “I love you so much that I sent my Son Jesus to die for you!”

When I heard that God wanted to come into my life, take my past, take my brokenness and make me brand new, I was all in.

I had tried living life without God and it didn’t work. This was the hope I so desperately needed! And let me tell you, my life didn’t change overnight, but even through the hard times, I know didn’t have to walk my life alone. God was with me.

Now, when I look back on my life, it still amazes me how God took that broken 17 year old and transformed her life so much that the people I grew up with no longer recognize me. I tell people my story and they are in shock that those were stories about me because God has absolutely changed my life.

To learn more about my story and why I said yes to Jesus and why should you, check out this week's epidose of the UncommonTEEN Podcast!

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