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Trudeau‘s Authoritarian Canadian Covid Regime
Nov 6 2021
Trudeau‘s Authoritarian Canadian Covid Regime
In September 2021, Justin Trudeau won the Canadian Prime Minister's office in a campaign fueled by fear & threats. The people of Canada are terrified, you know... because the media and the politicians have bombarded them with messaging that they are all going to die from Covid unless the government and vaccines save them. You'd think rational people could see through this nonsense, but the double-masked people walking on empty streets have lost their grip on reality. So how did Justin Trudeau win the election? He leaned into the fear and bullied Canadians into compliance. Anyone who doesn't want the vaccine? He called them misogynist anti-vaxxers. One of his campaign promises? To waste billions of dollars on vaccine passport systems for non-essential services. By the way, the goal-posts on what constitutes "essential" continue to shift - thanks due in part to the compliance of the Candian people. This is not a political argument. I have clipped Justin Trudeau making the most contradictory statements I have ever seen a politician make. Statements that would only make sense if you believe the only solution to a minor pandemic is to vaccinate everyone with a vaccine that skipped animal trials, skipped stage 3 trials, submitted falsified data in stage 1 & stage 2 of the trials, and has caused tens of thousands to lose their lives or suffer crippling injury. Are we okay? Homepage: DrinkingFromHumanSkulls.com Consider Donating to DFHS