Personal Branding Magic: How to Gain Followers & Build a 6-Figure Business w/ Hala Taha @ YAP Media

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Jul 28 2022 • 36 mins

Storytelling is a talent and a gift. A great storyteller can create a connection with their audience, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impression. The best storytellers immerse us into their worlds and leave us wanting more. As more businesses explore storytelling as a digital content strategy, it's become an increasingly valuable tool in a marketer's arsenal, especially in B2B.

When we story-tell we don’t just create content, we create connection.

And as a result, an amazing phenomenon occurs.  We start to gain super fans of our work that eventually turn into our super consumers. And Disney is a company that has properly executed this idea and profited from this content strategy ever its inception.

As I started to think about the best person to explore this topic with, I immediately thought of Hala.


Hala Taha is the founder and CEO of YAP Media, a social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities and CEOs and more. Also dubbed the “The Podcast Princess,” Hala is the host of the Young and Profiting (YAP)  Podcast, frequently ranked as a #1 Education podcast and has interviewed star-studded guests from the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Deepak Chopra, Seth Godin and countless others.

Hala started her career in radio production while in college at HOT97 on “The Angie Martinez Show.” Later, she launched an entertainment news blog site, “The Sorority of Hip Hop,” where she led an all-female team of 50 bloggers, she nearly snagged a reality TV show on MTV!

She took a temporary exit from the entertainment industry to get an MBA and has 7 years of corporate marketing experience at HP and Disney Streaming Services. She started the Young and Profiting Podcast and YAP Media as a side hustle, scaling the business to 35+ employees before quitting her executive position at Disney to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

YAP Media is now a premier social media and podcast production agency for CEOs, celebrities and top podcasters, with a dozen high-profile clients and nearly 60 employees.


She has mastered the art of story through her personal branding, marketing, and podcast, and she’s got over 150,000 super fans on LinkedIn to prove it!

In this episode, Hala and Rita discuss:

  • Hala’s current business and podcast “YAP”
  • Her thoughts  on how to turn super fans into super consumers
  • Tips on podcast storytelling
  • Her mindset on creating content with intent to serve your audience, not yourself
  • How she pushed through constant rejections in her life and finally found success through podcasting and LinkedIn
  • Personal Branding: From 0 -150,000+ Followers and a Six-Figure Business. How she went from rejections to success through her online side hustle.
  • Hala’s former experiences and how they have shapes her professional career then and now
  • And Much More!

Be sure to stick around for the Disney Rapid Fire Questions segment! You definitely won’t want to miss Hala’s creative answers!

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