Why The Customer is the Hero of Your Brand Story (And Not You) w/ Cassie Tucker

Bippity Boppity Business: A podcast for Disney Enthusiasts and Business Professionals.

Feb 1 2023 • 40 mins

One of the most common pitfalls that businesses make online is when they make everything about them. Every piece of content they post is about their story, their products, or what they can do, when it should be the opposite.

Instead, your customer should be the hero of the journey. Your business exists because you are there to help them solve a problem, but you are merely the guide. You are Mushu, not Mulan. Genie, not Aladdin. Olaf, not Elsa. You’ll have your moments, but everything you do should be in service of your customer.

In this episode of the Bippity Boppity Business, CAMM Media's founder and Co-Host of the Marketing Happy Hour Podcast, Cassie Tucker talks about the power of storytelling, leading with empathy, and maintaining a positive customer experience.

Cassie also gives us a crash course on the Storybrand Framework, demonstrates how she would rebrand Hades from the movie Hercules, and talks about why we all need to feel that we're part of something bigger than ourselves.

Rita Richa and Cassie have a magical discussion about:

  • How we can apply the Hollywood storytelling formula to business
  • Why the customer should be the hero of the story, not the brand
  • Why your personal brand needs to align with who you are as a person
  • How Cassie would rebrand Hades from Hercules (1997)
  • How to turn pain points into a selling point, creating a what-if scenario and making your customers feel like they need your solution as a business owner
  • How perception is important, but you also need to follow through on your promises and ensure that the experience is always positive
  • Why you and your team should know how to lead with empathy, even in distressing times
  • Why leadership needs to make their employees feel that they are part of the same higher purpose, story, and mission
  • Why people who started their careers in customer service often make excellent marketers

Cassie's insights on marketing, storytelling, leadership, and empathy are especially helpful for smaller businesses and brands looking to establish themselves in their respective niches. Take a moment to process her insights to see how you can apply her advice to your own business and reach new levels of success!

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