Time for Crime

Time for Crime

Most shows will show you the glamorized or sensational side of crime but we want to take a different approach. We have worked on the inside and been face to face with some of Arizona’s most notorious criminals and those whose stories you have not heard. We will take a realistic look from the inside and show you a more human side to crime. We will also take a look at some classic crimes from the past as well as some unsolved cases. We will also look at the law and forensic tools used. We might even cook up some last meal requests for you. read less

Our Editor's Take

Time for Crime is a true crime podcast with a unique viewpoint. Vanny and Kat are the cohosts of the show. Vanny is a nurse who worked as a phlebotomist in a women's prison in Arizona. Kat is also a prison nurse. She worked in Joe Arpaio's infamous Tent City prison, as well as in Arizona State Prison. Through their jobs, Kat and Vanny had the opportunity to develop relationships with inmates. They got to witness prison life and talk to prisoners. As a result, their perspective on crime and criminals is different from other people's. Lucky for listeners, Kat and Vanny are also self-confessed true crime junkies. They apply the experience they acquired in their jobs to their analyses of the casefiles they share on Time for Crime. Both hosts are from Arizona, and all the stories they document occurred there.

The true crime stories in Time for Crime span many decades and many types of malfeasance. But the hosts show a marked preference for cases that changed the course of justice. They tell the story of Carlos Miranda, who gave his name to Miranda Rights. His charges were for kidnapping, rape, and armed robbery as a result of a coerced confession. Another subject is Eva Dugan. After her murder conviction, she received a sentence of death by hanging. But the hanging turned into an accidental decapitation. This event led Arizona authorities to switch to the gas chamber in death penalty cases.

Time for Crime stands out in several ways from other true crime podcasts. By limiting their scope to Arizona, Kat and Vanny discuss crimes that are lesser known but no less morbid. Their professional experience provides a fuller, more-rounded perspective of each case. As cohosts, their storytelling style is conversational and fluid. Lovers of the genre would do well to give this show a chance. While the podcast series is not making new episodes at the moment, the ones here are compelling. Fans of podcasts like True Crime All the Time may appreciate this program.

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