Time for Crime

Vanny and Kat

Most shows will show you the glamorized or sensational side of crime but we want to take a different approach. We have worked on the inside and been face to face with some of Arizona’s most notorious criminals and those whose stories you have not heard. We will take a realistic look from the inside and show you a more human side to crime. We will also take a look at some classic crimes from the past as well as some unsolved cases. We will also look at the law and forensic tools used. We might even cook up some last meal requests for you. We have both worked on the inside walls of prison as well as have been personally involved in some cases. Our hope is to help educate and learn the truth of what goes on inside prison walls as well as explain the differences between Detention and Correction, Convicts and Inmates, Men and Women behind bars. We hope you enjoy our program as we take some Time for Crime.

My name is Kathy Delaney. I am a retired nurse with a BS in Criminal Justice and have a background in Forensic Consulting. I spent half of my career behind bars in several of the state’s correctional facilities and even the infamous Tent City in Phoenix, AZ. Along with my co-host Vanessa Emmanuel a former lab tech we will give our insight into the world of crime and punishment.

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S1E0 Introduction
Apr 7 2021
2 mins
S1E0 IntroductionS1E01 Antoinette NewcombS1E02 Gale ZylstraS1E03 Marcia PowellS1E04 Valerie PapeS1E05 Wendi AndrianoS1E06 Loretta GreerS1E07 Betty SmitheyS1E08 Debra MilkeS1E09 Shawna FordeS1E10 Marissa DevaultS1E11 Sammantha AllenS1E12 Jodi Arias Part 1S1E13 Jodi Arias Part 2S2E00 Season 2 IntroductionS2E01 The First DayS2E02  Welcome to the Big HouseS2E03 Fresh MeatS2E04 Medical IntakeS2E05 General Medical