Audio for Authors

Bradley Charbonneau

Have you ever noticed that, after listening to a podcast or an audiobook, you feel like you know the author? Our ears bring information into our brains in a different way than our eyes by reading the words--or even our eyes through watching a screen. I’m no aural scientist, but what I personally get with audio is a connection. A connection to the author, to the words, to the story, to the material. It sinks into your brain, I can almost feel it seeping through the nooks and crannies of my mind like water over porous volcanic rock. This is what I’m after. This is the connection I love to have as a reader and this is what I strive for as an author. This is why I’ve built this course so you too can connect with your readers. The rest, a booming audiobook market, smartphones around the world with one-tap access to audio, and a relatively untapped market compared to print and ebooks, is gravy.
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Ch. 37: About the Author
Oct 29 2020
1 min
Ch. 37: About the AuthorCh. 27: Think Outside of the (Boom) BoxCh. 26: Marketing: IntroductionCh. 25: DragonflyCh. 24: Getting Comfortable with Speaking your WritingCh. 24: Getting Comfortable with Speaking Your WritingCh. 23: Dictation: IntroductionCh. 22: Setting Up your PodcastCh. 21: More freedom than an audiobookCh. 20: A Chapter = An EpisodeCh. 19: Podcasts | IntroductionCh. 18: Hiring a Professional NarratorLooking to create ads directly for your audiobooks? Now you can with BookBub and Chirp.Ch. 17: Introduction to AudacityOops, wrong microphone. Not the right input? Didn't notice until the next day? Take 2!"What actor would play the leading role in your book?" And other tips for "enhancing the performance" of your audiobook with Ben Fife.Oops, found mistakes in your audiobook after you already uploaded to Findaway Voices?Ch. 16: Narrate It YourselfSpring Has Sprung: Who needs fake nature background sounds when we can record in the wild?When is atmosphere and authenticity more important than bad audio quality?