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Storytellers | Erotica Creator Jay Masters on Audio Sex Stories vs Sexy Sounds, Quinn & Keeping It Real
Sep 8 2022
Storytellers | Erotica Creator Jay Masters on Audio Sex Stories vs Sexy Sounds, Quinn & Keeping It Real
Meet Jay Masters, a male erotica creator known for original erotic audio stories, dirty talk, and his long-running audio masturbation series! A fascination with phone sex and a correspondence with an adult voice actress kick-started Jay Master's career as an erotic audio creator. Since 2016, he's published over fifty audio works on Literotica and more on Patreon, Reddit, OnlyFans, and other adult platforms. While he started out producing narrative audio sex stories, Jay is just as well known today for a long-running series of sexy audio fantasies and dirty talk sessions where he masturbates to orgasm. Like other audio creators we've talked to, Jay found himself surprised and inspired by the impact his work has on the lives of his listeners. Unique to Jay's personal story, one of his listeners was so inspired by his work that she went on to launch the high profile mainstream erotic audio app Quinn. Find out all about that story, and all of Jay Master's stories in this episode of Literotica, The Podcast. For more information on Jay Masters and his erotic audio, visit his websites or follow him on Twitter Let us know what you think, send suggestions, and ask questions at the podcast website ( or find us on Twitter Literotica Podcast Host: Krystine Kellogg (, Editor: Bryan Kellogg, Producer: OceanTree Creative. Thank you for listening and please subscribe for future episodes!