Lauren McCann on Creating a Positive Difference, Following Your Own Dreams, and Sobriety with Others

Heromakers Podcast

Jan 3 2022 • 41 mins

In this episode, Laurie and Ann talk with Lauren McCann, founder of Calliope Advisors, a "mission-driven consulting firm and innovation partner for philanthropists, companies, and nonprofits who want to pilot new concepts and models to solve pressing and urgent societal problems." Lauren shares her own journey into making our world better through her work and what friendship and community has taught her about the world. The three talk proximity and what it means to slow down long enough to be intentional about our choices.

Lauren also shares about her latest fundraising goal and what her road to sobriety has taught her about living in the moment and making healthy choices for her, her family, and those she works with and among.

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Lauren can be found at LinkedIn or at the Calliope Advisors website.

You can watch this and other episodes of the podcast on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVDFP8jEcv5bdhr8VLzXjA.

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