Julie Anne Kelly on Kicking Cancer in the ___ Through Community, Love, and a Whole Lot of Boxing

Heromakers Podcast

May 11 2021 • 47 mins

In this episode of the Heromakers Podcast, we talk with Julie Anne Kelly, cancer survivor and co-founder of Haymakers for Hope, which gives everyday men and women the chance to fight back against cancer by training for and competing in charity boxing events to raise money and awareness. Here, we talk about Julie's own journey with a cancer diagnosis at age 22, how boxing was part of her healing journey, and how she merged the two. Building a community of "ass-kicking do-gooders," Julie and the team have helped trained hundreds of everyday people to pick up their boxing gloves for the sake of those they love who are suffering.

We also talk about boxing--how to train for a match, and what to do if you freeze in competition.

You can find Haymakers for Hope on IG @Haymakers4Hope and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/haymakers4hope. Their website is: http://haymakersforhope.org.

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