The Christ is Right . . . Not for Sissies

Barbara Cook

The Christ is Right, Not for Sissies becomes a place for me to be used in a bigger way, claims Barbara. Now pretty close to 70 years old, she shares a history of success in using the laws of the universe. If thoughts create, then think differently! Right? Change conditions, situations, thoughts and experiences for your best good. Barbara’s life of trusting His ways has indeed proven efficacy. Tune in, take notes and exercise your spiritual destiny. If you’re going thru hell just keep going, Barbara says. Experiencing life happens for soul growth. Life is not to be perfect. It is to be lived, right wrong or upside down. It’s not for sissies but there’s a way. For 20 years Barbara shares her auditory knowing with classes, courses and seminars for those that are called to hear. Barbara says, “if you are inspired you are called.” Learn to play within the universal laws and excel in your biggest year ever and leave good footsteps to follow.
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